Student Council President

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Hello, I’m Nathaniel, the Student Body President at S.A. High school. Somehow, I let my sister talk me into this… so feel free to ask me any questions that may be on your mind. I’m not certain how well this is going to go over.

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booneitor asked: If you want my body, if you think I'm sexy come on sugar let me know ;)

"….. What?….." 


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mcl-ceri-mccarthy asked: Happy Valentines Day.

"Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well. I hope you enjoyed my gift."

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Anonymous asked: Kiss, Kick, or Marry: Iris, Peggy, Candy


Kick Peggy, kiss Iris, marry Castielndy. Candy.

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Anonymous asked: It has gotten to the point that Castiel calls you Natty (which is cute) so much, even when he's angry with you apparently, that if he were to call you by your full name even the Anons would be scared.

"…" Nathaniel stared at the Anon and thought this over.

Really? I never recognized any sort of change whenever we interact but perhaps that’s reading too much into things? It makes no sense though…

"I highly doubt what you say may be true." Nathaniel shrugged.

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Anonymous asked: How did you feel when Candy fell on top of you in episode 18?

Nathaniel remembered what he felt when he felt Candy on top of him. It was an awkward position to be in. But her face was a beautiful flushed color and her eyes large with shock and her hands gripping on his jacket when she pushed herself up before the apologies spilled from her soft lips-

"……… Itwasanembarassingsituation." Face burning red, Nathaniel quickly excused himself and scurried away somewhere else.

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